Make Your House A Home


As a member of The Xperience Group of Photographers, I offer a fully framed portrait service, this is to ensure that all my portraits are protected and presented in a perfect way for you.

During your portrait preview session I will show you how best to bring your portraits alive using custom framing and craftsman creativity.

All the production and hand finishing for my wall art is done by photography specialist companies in the UK to ensure your portraits match The Xperience Group quality guidelines.

I have a range of presentation products to match any home or business, starting from as little as £90 and reaching over £1000 for the largest portrait presentation.

I offer a split payment option to help you spread your portrait investment if needed.

Design, Style & Harmony

Add a modern style and let your portraits command centre stage with my selected range of Contemporary Frames that are sure to captivate. Whether you’re looking for canvas art to complement modern decor or something a little more individual, I have some great options.

The Nine

Image of settee with nine framed images on wall

The Nine allows you to arrange a set of images in a way which pleases you. The individual images chosen from a shoot are framed in off-white or black wood with a glass covering. They can be arranged in various ways including in a square as shown above or perhaps in a line up your stairs as shown below. Prices from £400.
Also available as four images from £200. The standard image size is 8 inches. Larger options may be available at additional cost.

Image of 9 framed photos on stairs wall

Signature Range

Image of a 16 box with purple frame

The Signature Range provides a choice of colourful frames for your images. They come with protective acrylic covering for your image, with a non-reflective option available at no extra cost. You can have image sizes from 16 to 30 inches, with the frame around that. The one shown is a 30 inch image with a purple frame. Prices from £350 to £650.

Canvas Wall Art

Image of canvas wall art in dining area

Canvas Wall Art can provide a modern feel in the home. This deep framed cost effective piece of wall art is available in sizes from 16 to 36 inches with prices from £200 and makes an ideal way to display your favourite images from your White Box shoot.

The Three

Image of The Three, a three image set of frames

The Three is a beautiful and unique way to display three images from your shoot. The three frames are specially chosen 60mm deep frames, with fine art paper and anti-reflective glass to show off 3 of your favourite monochrome images to beautful effect. This is a striking luxuary item. Typically supplied as a set of three 9 inch images. From £450.

Hand finished by Craftsmen in the UK

All our wall products are made in the UK to the best standards in the industry. Watch the short video below to get a glimpse of the care which goes into their production.