Timeless & emotive portraits that are simply stunning which create timeless wall art, that’s exactly what our Baby face portraits are.

Let us capture the essence of your child using our mastery of light combined with a monochrome magic. A Baby Face session is designed for children 2-5yrs of age but can still be applied with older children. Bare shoulders and expression are the heart of these timeless portraits, with the emphasis on the eyes and the face.

Our Baby Face styling, is a beautiful way to capture both the character and expression of the child, allowing us to freeze a moment in time of their personality whilst they still are in an age of innocence.

So come prepared to have a fun and interactive portrait shoot with your own little baby face and watch them transform before your eyes into a timeless memory that you will reassure forever.

Baby Face is a fairly short photoshoot as most children that age don’t have a long attention span. The end result can be displayed as a single wall image, a set of images on canvas or as a mixed set of three images in the attractive “The Three” frame set.